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Here is an example of the planning that I have taken to just put one days worth of walking, site seeing, photographing and video taking together. I have listed all of the sites that we want to see on this trip and then pull them together into workable areas of the city that make sense to have an enjoyable day together. If you notice a McDonald’s on there, it is only listed on the map for the fact that they may have a semi clean restroom when we go by there, if we are in need of one then!

DAY TRIP: 5.48 Mile Venues Arts et Metiers, Pompidou and Passages

{Monopods should work fine for this trip}

Abbesses to Saint – Lazare change to Line 3 off at Arts et Metiers, get off and take some photos of the Metro off on area. Get back on metro and get off at Metro Rambuteau.

Go down alley to Musee de la Poupee which is in the Jardin Anne-Frank, see if you can go through the back entrance of the Musee d’Art et d’Histoire du Judaisme and make a left and go up Rue du Temple to the next intersection and take a left on Rue Michel le Comte to #16 and the Le Cafe des Chats. Leave there and go the way you were walking to the next left of Rue Beaubourg pass the Metro Rambuteau to the eorge Pomidou Centre. Look around, go inside and end up on the roof for photos. Exit and go out the back and walk towards the river into the Stravinsky Fountain area, should be some cool shots here. keep going through to the Church, photo time, and then right about 3 blocks to the Saint-Jacques Tower, go up if you can. From here you are going to head West 2 blocks and take Rue des Halles about 2 blocks and then right over to Rue des Innocents around the square and to the McDonalds on the other side. From here wonder over to the Les Halles Plaza area and spend some time looking around and taking photos. Get a shot or two of the Paroisse Saint-Eustache Church. Now you will take the north east street of Rue de Turbigo about 2 blocks and then left on Rue Francaise and then right on Rue Etienne Marcl to the Tour Jean Sans Peur Tower, go up if you can, from here go to the next intersection and go left one block and then left again 2 block to the Passage du Grand Cerf, yes you were here in 2003. Exit other side and go left on Rue Dussours and the right on Rue Tiquetonne back to Rue Etienne Marcel but keep going straight. At Pl des Victoire go right 2 streets and take Rue Vide Gousset to Rue des Petite Peres and stop in front of Basilica of Notre -Dame-des-Victoires and take some pics. go lft and enter into the Galerie Vivienne and then wonder over to Galere Colbert and Passage Colbert and out the doors across Rue des Petits Champs and into the Passage du Perron which should be under the Gardens of the Royal Palace. Have fun take a rest and enjoy. Galerie de la Cour d’Honneur should be at the south end and make sure you find the Les Deux Plateaux, more commonly known as the Colonnes de Buren, is an art installation in the courtyard of the Palais Royal with all of the small black and white columns.
From here you will exit and go over to the Pl du Carrousel and walk around the Louvre Pyramids.
Exit through the East wall into the Cour Carree et Pyrmide du Louvre and go out the east side and there will be the Saint Germain of Auxerrois Church, pic time. Head away from the Seine and make a lef and then right acn come around to the front of Eglise Reformee de l’Oratoire du Louvre Church and then another left and then right down to the Passage Richelieu back into the Cour Carree et Pyrmide du Louvre and then go around the other side of it inside and exit the south side on to Quai Francois Mitterand and back down river to the Pl du Carrousel and trough to the Palais Royal-Musee do Louvre Metro stop.

Take Line 1 to Concorde and then switch to Line 12 back to Abbesses.

5.48 mile day trip venues

5.48 mile day trip venues