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Preparing for Paris

Getting ready for Paris has been a joy but somewhat time consuming. I’ve been doing a lot of Google Earth research work to lay out 12 day-trips with 171 venues that include 3 marches, 14 jardins/parcs, 36 ponts, 7 gares, 20 rooftop access, 13 Cite venues, 4 I’lle St-Louis venues, 11 passages, 42 Montmartre venues, 21 other must sees like museums and churches plus a day visit to La Defense. I’ve been doing some reading as well; I have read 1 hardcover, 4 paperbacks, 6 Kindle books, 7 Nook books and 45 i Books in preparation for this trip to Paris.

On top of that I have been trying to get in shape to walk the hills of Montmartre and the 4th story walk-up apartment we are staying in, finding the best place to buy Euros, making airline reservations, finding an apartment in Montmartre, booking airport pick-up, getting passports etc. My wife wonders what I have been doing with my life since last April?

“Preparing for Paris” I tell her!