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Preparing to take some time away from home and going abroad is always completely different than just staying here in the states somewhere. You have to really think about all of the possibilities that may come flying at you when you just can’t get to your own bed in less than a day. Are all your bills paid, are you going to have any bills arrive while you are gone overseas and when will they be due, can you prepay some of your bills or use an auto pay to cover the ones that will show up when you are not home. Did you stop the paper? Did you stop the mail? Is the cat going to get fed, are the plants going to get watered. Do all of your kids know how to get a hold of you in case of an emergency. Little and small things like that are what keep you up at night thinking about all of those possibilities!

Technology has truly changed since our last trip to Paris in 2003; smartphones, tablets, video chat and now we have x-ray machines at the airport, it is amazing how far things have come! No “Beam me up Scottie” yet though! Teleportation would really be nice, not that I mind the way you are treated like cattle at the airport or on the plane itself for that matter, but going to a neutral third party that has your best interest at heart, because if they don’t get you to your destination and back safely and wholly, they pay real consequences. You know, an eye for an eye, just like the good old days where you were actually accountable for the thing you made and did to others.

Preparation… probably the thing you have to prepare for most when going to Paris is the way you will need to start looking at life again. “C’est la vie, “That’s life” a great phrase, it gives you the freedom to enjoy yourself without any guilt for now you can just roll with what ever comes at you and you can deal with it or not. Paris isn’t just a City, but a way of life and love and beauty; it is many things to many people, but to me it is a life saver, knowing she is there and knowing that she will never change, Paris, we can’t wait!