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Today we started pulling out all of our travel gear, luggage, power converters, anxiety pills and the such! Can’t find that one mono pod leg that makes into a tripod, gotta be here somewhere right? Now the cat stays here or did we commit to the little fur ball that we would take him with us, better check with the neighbors and make sure someone is going to be home to feed the little fellow? Don’t need any animal rights groups standing at the door when we get home from Paris! Now I can only take 3.3 ounces of any one liquid but I can pack as many lithium batteries in my luggage and carry on as I want? Is that right? Please someone invent teleportation because the rules of traveling on an airline are just crazy, non-sensible and scary. If you have ever had a perfect air travel trip, meaning everything that could go wrong, didn’t, you are one lucky person! Our luck has only happened like that once, back in 1993 on our honeymoon to Key West. It was a red eye from Sacratomato to Miami via a change in Hotlanta at 5am. The nice lady at the SMF airport upgraded us to first class all the way through to MIA. When we went to get our rental car they bumped us up to a full-size luxury sedan. When we got to Key West they made a mistake and over booked our room type and gave us the rooftop penthouse. The next night we woke at 3am to a gang of Hell’s Angels going through the lower floor on their bikes, it was great entertainment from our vantage point! Trips like this don’t happen very often when you travel using airlines and rental car companies, but this was one of those exceptional adventures that you just don’t forget, because it’s like hitting the Lotto, it just is not in your odds to have an exceptional worry-free trip like that, it just doesn’t happen that often! Oh, by the way, our trip home was uneventful, just the way we liked it!