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Yahoo, we got our new digital audio recorder today. We will be using it to interview those non-shy Frenchies that are willing to share some of their favorite stories about Paris! We will also be asking some Parisians if we can video their interview and use it in the Paris Video Production that we will be producing upon our arrival back in the good old USA. Another use for it will be to record some Jazz as we will be hitting a couple jazz clubs, with their permission, of course. Street musicians flock to the big tourist spot and are usually very cool about recording them with video and audio, but we will always get permission first.

Well, keep watching this space, between now and our arrival in Paris things are getting a little hectic and cuddling up to the keyboard is not easy to find time for. But, we promise you will not miss a day of our Paris excursion! Some big surprises will be flowing from this spot, promise! For now, Bonsoir!