Born in Redding California in 1953 and growing up in Oroville California since 1955 Stan has always been interested in photography. At age 7 when asked what he wanted for Christmas, he asked for a camera. Stan’s junior year of high school put Stan on the yearbook staff as a photographer. His senior year he was the Yearbook editor and chief photographer yearbook designer. After high school Stan worked under Byron Boots Studio and spent many hours in the darkroom developing and working with black and white photos that he took. Stan worked for and then owned McQuown Appliance in Oroville for 14 years and had the opportunity to travel to Spain, Switzerland, and Hong Kong.

Stan then became a professional tennis instructor for 10 years and later led groups on tennis/golf vacations to Maui. In 1997 Stan bought Great Escape Travel in Chico and after 5 years sold it and purchased Mission Travel in Oroville. In 2001 Stan had both his knees replaced and during this down time purchased a digital camera. Since roses grew in the garden and Stan was unable to leave the house for six weeks, Stan began shooting macro photography of roses and other flowers in the garden/yard. A year later Stan had both of his hips replaced and was house bound this time for 8 weeks. Again roses were in bloom and Stan filled his time with more macro photography during recovery. With new mobility now Stan can travel and has broadened his portfolio with other flora, travel and wine country photography. We hope you enjoy his photographs as much as Stan has enjoyed taking, processing, printing and assembling this photo for your enjoyment!


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